Experiencing a crisis, call the 24-hour crisis line: (252) 752-3811 ESCAPE THIS SITE

24-hour crisis line: (252) 752-3811

Experiencing a crisis?
Call the 24-hour crisis line:
(252) 752–3811

New Directions
Safe House

New Directions is an emergency safe house for abused individuals and their children. We provide individual case management, 
counseling, support groups, food, clothing, advocacy and referrals to other agencies in the community.

The safe house offers a beautiful home setting for survivors and their children fleeing domestic violence to stay while they try to heal and rebuild their lives. Staff offer survivors assistance in locating and accessing housing, employment, education, and a myriad of other services to meet their needs.  

Last year alone the Safe House housed 106 victims and children 
under their care.

Safe and Secure