About Us

The Center for Family Violence Prevention is a private, non-profit agency primarily funded by state, federal and local grants. We have offices in Pitt, Martin and Washington County. Through this funding, the Center for Family Violence Prevention provides resources and services to victims of domestic violence and their families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence while enhancing individual self-sufficiency and promoting healthy family relationships in our community

Board of Directors

Karz-Wagman, Rabbi Harley, Pres.
Johnson, Sharona, V. Pres
Raynor, Fay
Chandler, Myers, Treasurer


Bonner, Heidi
Staton, LaChauncey
Viverette, Chris
McNally, Laura
Robertson, Debi
Moore-Jones, Denise
Perry, Glen
Petrasso, Julia
Walden, Christine
Yuen, Mary
Reece, Kyla
Rasdorf, Mark
Jordan, Rhonda Grant
Leutgens, Wendy


King, Laura

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