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24-hour crisis line: (252) 752-3811

Experiencing a crisis?
Call the 24-hour crisis line:
(252) 752–3811

Child Counseling

A child counselor offers one-on-one trauma-informed therapy for children who have experienced a trauma such as witnessing domestic violence. The therapist is specialized in treating child victims of domestic violence and works with the children to address their issues related to trust of adults. Through play therapy, the counselor works with the children to address the trauma they have experienced. Child counseling services are available to children and youth ages 5 to 17.


Parenting instruction is available in group and individual settings. Each session is tailored to the individual child's needs.



and Divorce

For parents who are struggling to co-parent a child in the midst of a separation or divorce. Discussions focus on the impact of parental separation based on child's developmental stage. The main objective is to create a shared list of different parent routines, methods of discipline, parental communication, etc in order to allow both parents to be on the same page. It is completed in 3-7 sessions with a onetime $50 fee.


Provides education on a variety of parental topics including listening and talking to children, discipline, cooperation and more. It is completed in 7 sessions with a onetime $80 fee.


Focuses on managing a problem behavior in the child and providing parents with ways of tracking their child's behavior as a part of making a plan to create change in both the parent and the child. It is completed in 8-10 sessions with a onetime $80 fee.