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The Center for Family Violence Prevention

The Family Center

The Center for Family Violence Prevention


The Family Center
755 Johns Hopkins Drive

Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 758-5021

The Family Center is a place where children are given the opportunity to develop the best possible relationships with both of their parents. 
Our mission is to facilitate opportunities and provide a place for children to have safe and conflict–free access to both parents.

Supervised Visitations
 Supervised Visitations are a safe way for parents to visit with their children under the supervision
of the Family Center staff.
· We provide two different levels of monitoring. All visits are audio and video recorded.
· Most of our clients are court ordered but this service is open to the public with no referral necessary.

Monitored Exchanges
For the safety of those involved in Domestic Violence and also for the mental health of the children, monitored exchanges provide a safe environment and omit the arguments between parents/guardians. Through monitored exchanges there is zero interaction between the visiting and custodial parents/guardians. The focus should always be the children and their well-being.

Parenting Classes
Becoming a parent isn’t always easy, especially where there has been trauma and unforeseen events. Let the family center help you transition into becoming the parent that your child needs. All parenting classes are available in group or individual settings. 
Classes are available weekly.
· Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
· STEP (Systematic Training For Effective Parenting) 

The GREAT Program (Abuser Treatment)
26-week Rehabilitation Program for individuals who are identified as an “abuser” in a domestic violence situation. Classes for male and female abusers are offered. There is NO waiting list—participants can join immediately.  Classes teach participants to recognize abusive patterns and to accept the responsibility for their actions. The class size is between 6-10 people.

Children’s Counseling
For children who have witnessed or are experiencing:
· family violence
· difficulties at school
· aggressive behavior
· low self-esteem
· relationship problems
· adjustment issues
· depression
· anxiety
· trust issues
· avoidance of family/friends

Our licensed counselors work one-on-one with your child to build trust and understanding. 
​This program is free and confidential for children ages 5-17.

CATCH/Teen Outreach
Caring for Abused Teens in the Community and at Home (CATCH) is a curriculum designed for youths ages 10-21. It addresses the mental and emotional needs of adolescents and young adults experiencing the effects of Domestic Violence in their family or dating relationships.  The curriculum also covers Social Media Safety, Bullying, and Healthy Relationships.